Flashback moment to a friend capturing a slice of nature’s sheer glory at Jenny Lake in Wyoming. Eric Stocklin Photography LLC

Mother Nature has something special for each one of us

Part of the joy in photography is capturing a moment in time to savor once that moment has passed. It can be revisited, shared, incorporated into a larger piece, even mounted onto a wall as art in your home. Photography allows us to capture the ephemeral, shifting elements of life and the world around us. It’s pretty incredible, if you think about it long enough.

Earth Day is an important reminder that this planet requires that we actively participate in good stewardship. More than just pack in, pack out, leave no trace. It’s about fostering a legacy, however small, that creates pathways to the future. It’s important.

Nature is a favorite subject for nearly every photographer out there, and for very good reason. Even in one 24 hour period, everything about a space can change: the light, the temperature, the shadows, the moods, the elements. It ebbs and flows, between the sun and moon rising and setting. A constant dance is happening without fail, all around us, at all times. Taking those moments to stop and savor it connects us with something so much bigger than ourselves. It can be humbling and empowering all at once.

I encourage you to get out there and capture a bit of the magic, however you find it. Maybe it is a favorite flower, a cool angle, a set of shadows, a sunset, the ripples in water, whatever you’re drawn to. Save it for yourself on camera, and share it with your friends. Connect with the world around you and enjoy your place in it. Ask yourself how you too can be a steward and create something for the future in your own individual style.

Some of my favorite nature shots over the years

If there’s one thing that Mother Earth has taught us, it’s that nothing lasts forever. I’ve been fortunate to see some pretty incredible sights, and I really treasure both the image and the experience behind it. Here is a small sample of some of my favorites.

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