Erin Chamberlin, Regional President, Caesars Entertainment at the Horseshoe Casino. Photo by: Eric Stocklin

Marketing experts agree that professinal headshots can help you stand out no matter what business you’re in. Social media platforms and personal branding of all kinds make it easier than ever to get out there in front of your audience – and these days, your audience does expect to see who it is that they’re dealing with. Putting a face to your business venture can build rapport right off the bat! Headshots aren’t just for job-hunting anymore; they’re now an essential part of connecting with your audience. Whether you choose lifestyle or studio headshots, these updated images can be a major benefit when it comes to setting yourself apart from the crowd. The best part is, there are so many creative and impactful ways to use your new professional headshots in ways you may never have even thought to do – so let’s take a closer look and help you get the most out of your session.

How to use your professional headshot for branding and marketing 

Booking a headshot with a qualified photographer is the kind of business investment that keeps on giving back, especially when you keep in mind just how useful these images are when you think in terms of strategy. There are lots of ways that you can apply your new pictures to what your doing on- and off-line to really get in there and promote yourself or your company. Whether your style is soft and natural, vibrant and energetic, traditionally professional or full of unique personality, these images are the best way to communicate your unique talents and attract more people to your side of the table. Here are 6 ways you can use your new professional images to maximize your photography session. 

Social media accounts 

It’s no surprise that social media platforms everywhere are image-based with huge visual components. Stepping in front of the camera can be daunting, but studies do show that consumers everywhere develop a better (and quicker!) sense of rapport with you and your organization when they can see your face. Having professional, composed images as your main profile image or “about us” sections can lend a lot of personality to what you’re doing so that your audience feels like they know a little more about who they’re buying from or hiring. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll definitely want to make sure your customers can see you! 

Your Business Website 

Since your website is your businesses’ official home online – and your social media marketing efforts are directing people to your website – it’s essential that a fresh, current professional headshot is visible on your site. It doesn’t have to be front and center, but making a point to show up can really help you shine. You’ll also build confidence in your audience when they find consistency as they travel from your social media to your website for booking or ordering. 

Your Email Signature 

Setting yourself apart in any competitive marketplace means getting creative and going for it. A lot of people report success in standing out by putting a professional headshot image in the custom email signature for businesses correspondence. If you have a customer or client-focused business, using your headshot in your email signature is an excellent way to boost your reputation and build a positive rapport in ongoing relationships. 

Marketing materials 

Whatever business you’re in, there’s a pretty good chance that you have business cards, brochures, banners, flyers, and so forth. Fresh headshot images (especially lifestyle portraits) are a great way to inject your personality into these pieces so that they differentiate yours from others. 

Email Newsletter campaign

Monthly marketing strategies with email newsletters are a proven way to build your audience and inform them of important topics that impact your business or services. Having a professional headshot image carried through from your social media to your email newsletter can really help underline the person behind all of the communication. Getting a promotional or informative email newsletter is a lot more personable when your reader can see your face and keep the rapport going. It’s a personal touch that makes a huge difference! 

The Press 

Depending on your business, your marketing may be so successful that you end up being sought after in your field by other companies or press. When this happens, they’ll typically ask for high-resolution images of you which they can use for their print or online work. Having a promotional package at the ready, including a current professional headshot, can seal the deal when it comes to being an expert in your field. It’s a total pro move that you’ll be glad you have on hand. 

Professional Headshot Photography with Eric Stocklin Photography, LLC 

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had headshots taken, it might be time to book a session so that we can capture fresh, updated images that you can use to re-energize your marketing materials. Generally speaking, every year to two years is a good guideline to follow, but it really depends on your unique needs. If you’re totally new to the process, don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as it seems! Have a look through my portfolio here. Together we can capture your best professional self and style for the camera so that you and your business can shine. Whether you’re in Annapolis, Harford County, Baltimore, or other parts of Maryland and beyond, I’m prepared to help you stand out with images that you’ll be proud to have. Call me at 410-659-2112 today to book a session, or reach out by clicking here.

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