Gene Condon, VP/General Manager Arundel Mills. Professional Headshot Photography by Eric Stocklin Photography, LLC.

Professional headshots are pretty necessary these days. especially with the amount of media being used in just about every industry out there. Getting in front of the camera for branding and marketing or as a part of your corporate team organization is one of the best ways to connect with your market. It can be a bit intimidating to put yourself front and center under professional lighting and high-resolution photography, but I’m here to tell you that it can actually be a lot of fun with a great result to boot. If you’ve ever wondered how to look natural in this type of setting, I’ve got a few tips that can make it a whole lot easier.

Tips for looking like yourself when you step in front of the camera

One of the first things to keep in mind about how you look in your professional portraits? How you feel shows up on camera. The more at ease you are, the more the camera will pick up your natural personality rather than a forced pose that you wouldn’t normally do. The camera is your friend, so viewing it as a positive will reflect in your confidence level as well as how you’re relating to the dynamic.

Take a few deep breaths before and during your session. It might sound overly simple, but it makes a visual difference. When you give yourself some moments to shake off tension, you reset and reconnect with your more natural state. It really does set the pace for a good result on camera.

Posture counts. If you wouldn’t slouch or slump in front of your client or customers, you don’t want to do that in front of the camera, either.

Smile as often as you want, but don’t hold or clench your smile. As your photographer, I’ll capture your smiles. Feel free to move naturally during your professional headshot session, so that your expressions aren’t static (which makes them look forced or unnatural). Again, relating to the camera as a friend or client helps you stay in the right mode for the outcome that you want.

Keep the focus on you by using strategic wardrobe choices. Choosing solid, neutral colors (a big pop of color is perfectly okay, or one element with some pizazz) is a great base for creating an overall image that highlights you – which is the whole point!

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Booking your headshot photography session with Eric Stocklin Photography, LLC

Marketing experts agree that professional headshots should be no less than two years old – so keeping your work images current with a fresh session is always a good idea. Not only is it a great investment, you’ll be glad to know that it can be a real morale booster, too. If you’d like to schedule a headshot session with me, reach out today to book your spot. I have many options available that can help you get the result that you want for your business or personal marketing needs. Call (410) 659-2112 or contact me at

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