The current pandemic has indeed created a lot of obstacles for wedding ceremonies – namely, large gatherings. Pandemic or not, there’s an option called Micro Weddings that you may have never heard about before, and they might be just the solution to your wedding dilemma. As a Baltimore wedding photographer, I get to see quite a few fantastic venues and trends over the years, so let’s take a closer look at this one.

What is a Micro Wedding? 

A great option for anyone wanting a special-but-intimate wedding location for just a few people, Micro Weddings began to really take shape just a few short years ago. Venues that specialize in these small, private ceremonies offer all the magic of a full-size event but on a scale that suits fewer guests. 

Often, there are video streaming and live options available to connect your occasion with loved ones all over the world, making it easier to share the day with people who can’t be there in person. With a wide variety of music, scenery, reception style, and other features, a Micro Wedding can be every bit as special as a full-scale event.

Couples who are searching for a creative way to celebrate a gorgeous wedding that will provide a lifetime of memories can consider Micro Weddings to be a cool, modern choice that still ticks all the boxes. 

Chase Court: a fantastic Baltimore venue for your Micro Wedding

The traditional 1879 architecture and well-appointed grounds at Chase Court offer a beautiful scene for any small, intimate wedding celebration. Lead by David Egan, an experienced venue owner, proprietor, and steward of the castle for nearly 20 years. Located at 18 East Chase Street in Baltimore, Chase Court specializes in Micro Weddings with one- or two-hour rentals of the venue space and surrounding garden areas. Chase Court can fully customize your occasion to suit all of your important preferences – which means that your Baltimore micro wedding can absolutely be the event of your dreams.

I’ve been lucky to photograph several weddings at this beautiful location and the images speak for themselves.

Check out my Preferred Vendors section for even more great ideas and resources for your wedding, no matter what your style – and stay tuned for more highlights. If you’d like to book my wedding photography services, reach out today.

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