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Getting married and planning a wedding can feel really overwhelming – after all, you’ve got a big day ahead no matter what the size of your event.  Everything that goes with it requires quite a bit of coordination, and time is on your side if you get started early.  As a professional wedding photographer, I’ve had the honor of helping many engaged couples tell their unique love story from “… said yes,” to “I do” – and I’ve learned plenty along the way. Now that wedding and Open House season has really begun for 2022, it’s time to let you know about the advantages of booking your preferred wedding photographer now. 

Finding your ideal wedding venue is the biggest piece of the puzzle, which is why attending Open Houses helps you test the waters and see things in person. Since that’s the site where your special occasion will take place, it could seem like getting that part settled early gives you a chance to fill in the rest (caterers, photographer, music, flowers) later when the dust settles. Let’s look at a few great reasons to go ahead and book your wedding photographer along with your venue. 

Save the date 

Many vendors get pretty darn busy once the wedding season starts!  That doesn’t mean we’re too busy to help you, but it could mean that your first choice of wedding date may find us already booked. Early notice helps us help you by being available for the specific day of your dreams. 

Engagement session 

Your wedding journey began long before popping the question, but once you’re engaged, it can all go by so quickly. Booking your wedding photographer early gives you time for an engagement photography session in the same style as your wedding images, and something beautiful to add to your love story. 

Easier Wedding Planning 

The earlier you book your wedding photographer, the sooner you’ll be able to discuss and plan things like the overall theme and the look of your whole photography package. It helps to get to know the process and review expectations in advance when there’s plenty of time to curate and collaborate. 

Vendors are familiar with the venue 

Depending on the Open House location, many vendors that attend are there because they’ve worked at these locations before. That means there are all sorts of details and ideas that come from experience and familiarity. Magical angles, special shots, and nuances in lighting based on time of day can all come straight from a photographer’s knowledge of the space. The result? Better wedding pictures for you, and an easier time during the event itself. 

Build your dream team now 

Wedding professionals have the experience to reduce a lot of guesswork when it comes to your big day. Putting your trust in them early in the process gives you the advantage of more streamlined planning and a better experience overall. 

Wedding planning can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. If you need some great tips from an excellent wedding planner, check out this blog from award-winning wedding coordinator Events by Lexi –

How to book Eric Stocklin Photography, LLC for your upcoming wedding 

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