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If you need a professional headshot but don’t really know which style to choose, I’ve got some tips that make it a bit easier. Whether you need portraits for a job search or for social media and other business marketing, there’s no doubt that taking time to strategize your image makes for a great portrait session. Learning about different styles of professional headshot photography can help you decide which one might be best for you and your needs the next time you step in front of the camera. If you’re looking for a skilled Baltimore headshot photographer, I’m here to help.  

Lifestyle or portrait style: what’s the difference?

Beyond poses and outfits, the style of the session itself can lend an additional layer of interest to your shot. The key differences between headshot types are related to elements like lighting, setting, and personality/pose. When you’re considering what type of shot might work best for your needs, think about your intended audience.

Lifestyle Headshots

Many people are choosing a modern ‘lifestyle’ portrait shot in a natural environment, inside or outdoors. Unique backgrounds that are artistic but not distracting are essential to making this style work for professional settings. These are especially great for showing off your personality!

For public-facing roles of all kinds, lifestyle headshots are relatable and capture the energy that you’ll be bringing to your role. Companies that are looking to refresh their images for marketing purposes can rely on lifestyle portraits to really show off what the team – and the brand – have to offer.

Studio Headshots

The classic, professional standard never really goes out of style. Traditional studio headshots are the perfect way to get a consistent background in a controlled setting. That way, there is a sense of cohesiveness when team members are being photographed for company marketing or group business needs. Even with a more uniform presentation, lighting and personality still make a big difference when it comes to a modern, professional look. 

Especially in today’s age of digital brand marketing, making a good first impression through a professional portrait is key to getting the job you want. Some marketing experts say that you should update your headshot at least once a year – so if the one you’re currently using is over two years old, it’s probably time to get a fresh one. 

Keeping your professional image updated throughout your career can really energize your marketing materials for strong branding and high-quality engagement with your followers and clientele. For this reason, any time is a good time for a new headshot.

Allow me to create a comfortable environment where we can take natural vibrant portraits that you will love. Whichever style you choose, I will use a lens that will be most flattering and shoot in natural light or with a softbox to give you the best possible results.  Let’s schedule a time and location that’s convenient for you.    

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